“In many ways Mississippi has been one of those places whose ‘sense of place’ has been misunderstood. Not only are outsiders guilty of erroneous perception of Mississippi, but many of her native children are antagonistic toward the state. Their posture is one of defensiveness, not one of pride. In the case of the native, there may be a perception of what is occurring elsewhere without an understanding of the change that is occurring at home. Mississippi is a state with many good things going for it, a place of growth, a place to dignify, not a place to deride.” Prenshaw & McKee, Sense of Place: Mississippi (1979).

subSIPPI is an exploratory documentary aimed to highlight the diversity that exists in Mississippi. The goal of subSIPPI is to show present day Mississippi, one not fabricated on myth or romanticized notions but one that showcases the progression and evolution of the state.

   subSIPPI was created by Vincent Chaney, Lauren Cioffi, and Greg Gandy. Under the direction of Vincent Chaney, all three parties took on the roles of producing, filming and marketing this documentary. Our film was edited by Clay Hardwick and our soundtrack was provided by Tyler Tadlock. Initially, we used Kickstarter as a platform to raise funds to shoot the film. This along with private donors (Click Boutique) enabled us to buy film equipment and gas expenses to travel around the state. We spent four months August – November (2012) on the roads of Mississippi filming subcultures. Using social media (Facebook), we connected with residents living around the state who led us to underrepresented and innovative communities of people for us to highlight.

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